EG Ecosystem

EG is creating innovative products with and for the crypto community. Revenue goes to create a rewarding community experience and fund social impact.

EG Token

The EG Token is a community-held token that creates rewarding incentives for furthering the mission of social impact with crypto.

Gator Gang NFT Collection

The Gator Gang is a collection of unique collectible Gators. Membership in the Gator Gang unlocks direct rewards and other exclusive perks.

EG Crypto Exchange: Salesforce app for enterprise

The EG Crypto Exchange brings cryptocurrency transfers, exchange, and wallet management directly to your business operations all within the Salesforce Cloud.

Burn Party

EG Burn Party, that integrates with Chainlink Keepers Network, is a revolutionary new platform that allows holders and project creators to initiate, organize, and share deflationary token burning events, known as a Burn Party, for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the BSC and Ethereum network.


Convert your fiat to crypto in just a few clicks on the native EG Swap. Want to fork this for your own project? Contact us!

EG Blockchain Agency

Branding, design, smart contract development, tech stack & architecture - your blockchain startup has a lot of needs. Tap into our expertise and fast-track your project to success. 10% of revenue goes to EG community through token buybacks.

Blockchain Alliance for Global Good

BAGG is an alliance of blockchain companies with the goal to unite blockchain and cryptocurrency companies together to incentivize inherent and integrated social impact, and change the world through joint ventures.
BAGG champions the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and builds networks and reach to improve as many of them as possible.

HeadsTails - BetFi

HeadsTails is a community-powered platform for betting on the predictions of real-world events using cryptocurrency. Users can place prediction bets on the future of just about anything using EG Token and all leading stable coins.

Future Developments