Future Development

Anyone can create software and do tech development to bring new utility to EG. This can be on a volunteer basis and for expert help, funds/tokens can be allocated as a reward.
The following initiatives and products are confirmed and will be developed.
  • EGSpectre (Private Transactions & Cross Chain Bridge)
  • EG Token Deployment to ETH/Arbitrum and other EVM Chains
  • ETH/Arbitrum and EVM bridge
Based on community support and leadership, the following initiatives and products may be explored:
  • EG Mobile Wallet
The following initiatives and products are currently on hold but may be explored in the future based on community support and market conditions:
  • Prestige NFT Collection

  • Gator Gang NFT Staking Platform ✅
  • EG Social Impact Portal ✅
  • EGSwap Decentralized Exchange ✅
    • Swap ✅
    • SmartRouter ✅
    • Stake ✅
    • Perpetuals ✅
    • EGRamp (Buy Crypto with FIAT) ✅
    • MEV Protection ✅