TrustWallet (iPhone)

This tutorial provides detailed steps on how to buy the EG Token on the EG Trade web app using TrustWallet mobile app for iPhone

Binance has renamed the "Binance Smart Chain" to "BNB Smart Chain" also known as "BSC" or "Smart Chain".

What you need before you start

Step A - Enable EG

  1. Search for "EG" and select "$EG" to enable.

Step B - Connect

  1. In your internet browser of choice (Safari, Chrome, etc...) go to

  2. Select "WalletConnect". *Note: You must use WalletConnect.

Step C - Swap

  1. Adjust the slippage to "6%" and then close the menu (x).

  2. Input the amount of BNB you would like to swap for EG Tokens, then select "Swap" and then select "Confirm Swap". *NOTE: If your transaction fails, please add “.000” to the end of your EG Token amount and try to swap again.

  3. You will now be redirected to the TrustWallet app. Select "Open", and then select "Confirm" in the TrustWallet app.

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