How to Sell

This page will provide detailed instructions about selling your Gator Gang NFTs via TofuNFT.

What you need before you start

Step A - Connect & Sign

  1. Select the wallet app of your choice.

  2. After you have selected your wallet app, follow the steps required to sign the message and approve the connection to TofuNFT. IMPORTANT: Ensure that you have selected the BNB Smart Chain in your wallet.

Step B - List for Auction or Fixed Price

An auction allows you to sell your NFT to the highest bidder. Any user on TofuNFT can submit a bid that is larger than the start price or the current highest bid. The start price is the minimum you are willing to accept for the NFT. You can auction an NFT for 1, 3, or 5 days. IMPORTANT: Once your auction listing has a bid on it, you can NOT cancel the listing. To collect your funds after an auction has sold, you will need a small amount of BNB for the BSC network fees.

A fixed-price sale allows you to sell your NFT for a specific amount that cannot be changed. You can cancel the fixed-price listing any time before it has sold.

  1. To list your NFT for Auction or Fixed price, select the profile picture in the top right corner, then select "My NFTs".

  2. On the "My NFTs" page, select the NFT that you would like to sell.

Step C - Receiving Funds

For auctions sales: The funds are collected through your TofuNFT profile.

For fixed-price sales: The funds will be deposited to your wallet at the time of sale.

  1. If your auction item has sold, connect your wallet, then select the profile icon on TofuNFT, then select "My NFTs".

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