This page will provide information on how to troubleshoot errors while minting on NFTs on

Before you proceed

Before attempting any of the solutions below, please try:

  1. Disconnect your wallet

  2. Exit the Gator Gang website / refresh the page.

  3. Try again, and follow the How to Mint guide for your device step-by-step.

Note: Public sale minting is limited to 20 NFTs per transaction.

Wallet won't connect / Transaction failed

  • Ensure that you have attempted the How to Mint guide for your device step-by-step.

  • Ensure that you have selected the BNB Smart Chain network (formerly Binance Smart Chain) in your wallet app.

  • Ensure you have enough BNB to purchase the NFT + BSC network fee.

Solution 1: Alternate Minting Guide

  1. If the Gator Gang website is open, exit the website.

  2. End all WalletConnect sessions in your wallet app. • TrustWallet (iPhone): Settings > Wallet Connect > Gator Gang NFT Collection > Disconnect. • TrustWallet (Android): Settings > Wallet Connect > if "Gator Gang NFT" appears, select the (<-) back arrow > Select "Ok". • MetaMask (Mobile): Settings > Experimental > View Sessions > tap and hold "Gator Gang NFT Collection" > End.

  3. Go to the Gator Gang website on a second device such as a computer, second phone, or tablet.

  4. On the Gator Gang website, select "Connect", then select "WalletConnect". A QR code should appear.

  5. If connected successfully you will see your partial wallet address on the Gator Gang website. Select "Mint Now" and enter the amount of Gators. Select "Mint Now" and follow the steps in your wallet app to confirm the transaction.

  6. If you are still having issues, please exit the Gator Gang web page and restart from step 1, and/or try Solution 2.

Solution 2: Increase Gas Fee

During the NFT minting process, your wallet app will prompt you to confirm the transaction. Before confirming the transaction you can edit the gas fee amount. Some wallet apps will default the gas fee to the minimum, which sets your transaction to a low priority. Increasing the gas fee will give your transaction higher priority and may resolve failed transaction issues.

Follow the minting steps. After selecting the "Mint Now" your wallet app will prompt to confirm. In the confirmation window:

  • MetaMask (PC): Select "EDIT" > "Edit suggested gas fee" > Increase Gas price > Save > Confirm.

  • MetaMask (Mobile): Beside "Estimated gas fee", tap the blue BNB value > Increase "Gas price" > Save > Confirm.

  • TrustWallet: Select the Settings icon (⚙️) > Increase "Gas Price (Gwei)" > Save > Approve

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