Mission & Vision

EG Mission

The EG mission is to leverage community action and blockchain technologies to grow a global movement that defies the status quo and makes profitability intrinsically linked to positive social impact.

EG Vision

The EG team is a group of dreamers and builders who want the best for the planet's future.

We launched the cryptocurrency as a uniting force, and over 400,000 investors globally have joined their voices to theirs. In less than a year they've delivered over $3,700,000 to worthy causes, proving what’s possible when people come together for a common goal.

Now the team is building the tech of the future. From finance to entertainment to human connection, these industries exploit human psychology to extract value. They aim to pioneer a new social transformation: value placed back in the hands of the creators, profit merged with purpose, and capital delivered to the ones who need it most.

EG Pillars

Ignite a social transformation

Build transparent pathways to capital for earning & giving

Empower people to create a sustainable world

EG Commitments


Capital follows value, not the other way around. The creator pouring their soul out gets what they put in, and a worthy cause gets a piece too.


Human connection drives us, and the technology we build should unite rather than divide. Gone are the days of profit-seeking algorithms making us hate each other for clicks.


Zero mining, and a carbon-negative footprint. We’ll leave the planet better than we found it. It’s that simple.

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