EG Token V2

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Token Info

Decimals: 18

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Total Supply: 6 Billion

Trade Tax: 5% Buy, 5% Sell, 0% Transfer

Reflections: No

AutoBurn: No

Token Features

No Lopsided Liquidity

Adding Funds to a liquidity pool using Auto Buy Backs and SwapAndLiquify doesn't work if it's one sided. To support these lopsided liquidity dumps, these features also used the community to pay for the gas by piggy backing on their Buy/Sell transactions. This destroys the value of the token in the same way as big sell-offs do.

No Reflections

Reflections as a way of generating "passive income" is a concept which is slowly going out of fashion. It needs high token taxes to support the reflections model as well as continuous high token volume to be effective long term. Reflections are also not supported by many major exchanges which is also a drawback. EG V2 lowers the tax on Buy and Sell to support community driven initiatives, removes the tax on transfers, gets rid of reflections and also stops the auto burn.

No Secrets

EG is a community run token where community working groups control all aspects of the project. Anyone is able to contribute to the success of the project and can also get rewarded for it. A pool of 5% of Token Supply is set aside for Community Development (Prizes, Rewards, Promotions etc), 2.9% of supply is reserved for Marketing and a further 3% reserved for providing cross-chain liquidity to other blockchains in future. Details of all wallets and token holders is made available publicly for all to see.

No Centralized LP Token Holding

Devs on many projects keep hold of the LP Tokens to withdraw liquidity at a later date to private wallets. Eg V2 has locked majority of its liquidity and all details are made availabe to the public. The process of adding new liquidity and removing liquidity is done transparently.

Open Source

The long term aim for new features is to make the it publicly accessible so anyone can see, modify and distribute the code as they see fit. This will attract a wider talent pool to the project. We encourage any developer interested in creating software, widgets, charts or adding utility to the token to reach out to the team.

No Auto Burns

The token supply is fixed at 6 Billion. There will be no Auto Burns but manual buybacks & token burns will be done as per market conditions.

Fee Management

The EG Smart Contract Accumulates 5% fee from every Buy & 5% fee from every Sell transaction. No fee is collected from transfers. This fee is collected as EG Tokens.

The Smart Contract has a built in auto-sell feature which will be turned on at times when there is good volume in the market. You can see its status on Auto-Sell Status

When this feature is ON, the 5% fee will be sold immediately on the market, converted to BNB and stored in the smart contract.

When the auto-sell feature is OFF, the fee is sent to the smart contract as EG Tokens and converted to BNB manually when its suitable to do so. *

An admin then calls the withdraw tokens feature on the smart contract.

This allows the 5% fee to be distributed to the following 5 wallets, which have been configured in the smart contract.

  • Marketing Wallet: 20%

  • Liquidity Wallet: 20%

  • Tech Wallet: 30%

  • Donations Wallet: 10%

  • Staking Rewards Wallet: 20%

Each of these wallets is looked after by a community working group.

These wallets are also tagged on BscScan for easy identification and also listed on our website for transparency purposes.

*Apart from the Staking Rewards wallet (which feeds the EG v2 Staking and Gator Gang Staking pools). Staking Rewards wallet funds are not converted to BNB.

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Token Utility

  • 1% of Token Volume goes to Social Impact

  • 30% HeadsTails revenue goes to EG Token Buyback & Social Impact

  • 100% Salesforce Exchange fees goes to EG Token buyback

  • 10% EG Blockchain Agency revenue goes to EG Token buyback

  • 0.02% of EGSwap trading fees collected go to EG Token buyback

  • Fees from EGSpectre go to EG Token buyback

  • Fees from EGRamp go to EG Token buyback

  • Fees from perpetual exchange go to EG Token buyback

The Buyback tokens can either be burned or used for community rewards.

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