TrustWallet (iPhone)

This guide provides detailed steps on how to mint Gator Gang NFTs using the TrustWallet mobile app for iOS.

Binance has renamed the "Binance Smart Chain" to "BNB Smart Chain" also known as "BSC" or "Smart Chain".

If you are having issues with this guide, please read the mint troubleshooting guide before asking for help.

What you need before you start

Step A - Enable Gator Gang Contract

  1. Scroll all the way to the bottom and select "Add Custom Token" and enter these parameters: Network: Smart Chain Contract Address: 0x3aEF41668fd611251Cb81bb9EE743A3C0af11aC1 Name: GatorGang Symbol: GG Decimals of Precision: 0

Step B - Connect & Mint

IMPORTANT: If you are unable to connect or mint please follow these steps: 1. In TrustWallet go to "Settings", then "WalletConnect". 2. Tap on "Gator Gang NFT Collection" in the list, then select "Disconnect". 3. Restart "Step B" of this tutorial.

  1. Select "Mint Now". TrustWallet should prompt you to confirm the transaction. Select "Confirm".

For a guide on how to view your NFT, please visit the "How to View NFTs" page.

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