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Certik Audit

Elongate was audited by the leading blockchain cybersecurity auditing company CertiK. The results were initially published in May of 2021 and as of February 2022. Elongate is among the top-ranking tokens with a security score of 95/100.

CertiK was founded in 2018 by Computer Science professors from Yale University and Columbia University. Their auditing process ensures that blockchain ecosystems and smart contracts are resistant to hackers and bug-free through mathematics.

Liquidity Lock

Early on, over 80% of the liquidity was locked through service such as DxSale and Unicrypt, with the locking periods ranging from 1 to 5 years. Any unlocked liquidity is used appropriately and the usage of such unlocked liquidity is communicated to the holders. Liquidity lock information can be found on the token section of the main website.

Distributed Supply

The Elongate team does not hold large portions of the circulating supply. The largest wallet holds no more than ~1% of the supply.

Gnosis Safe

As an added security feature for the token/liquidity pool of Elongate, the Gnosis Safe Multisig platform is implemented. The Gnosis Safe Multisig is a smart contract wallet that requires a minimum number of people to approve a transaction before it can occur (M-of-N).

Legally Incorporated

The company is registered as the legal entity Elongate Global Ltd. based out of the British Virgin Islands. The social impact association registered out of Switzerland under the name EG Association.

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