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This page will provide a list of guides on how to view your Gator Gang NFTs.

• The MetaMask desktop extension and the Binance Wallet extension do not support adding and viewing custom NFTs. • The MetaMask mobile app and the TrustWallet mobile app DO support viewing custom NFT images. If using MetaMask (PC) or Binance Wallet, please use TofuNFT to view your Gator Gang NFTs.

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View on

  1. Ensure you have the "BNB Smart Chain" (formerly "Binance Smart Chain") enabled on your wallet app or extension.

  2. Select the profile icon, then select your wallet app.

    1. For MetaMask: Select "MetaMask".

  3. Follow the prompts on your app/extension to confirm the wallet connection.

View on MetaMask (Mobile)

  1. Search your wallet by entering your public wallet address into the search bar.

  2. Open the MetaMask mobile app for Android or iOS.

  3. Enter the following information and select "Import": Address: 0x3aEF41668fd611251Cb81bb9EE743A3C0af11aC1 ID: [enter Token ID from bscscan]

  4. You should now see your Gator Gang NFT images in your MetaMask mobile app.

If you have multiple Gator Gang NFTs, please repeat step 8 until all your NFTs have been added

View on TrustWallet (Mobile)

  1. After minting a Gator Gang NFT, open the TrustWallet Mobile app.

Refresh Metadata

If your NFT is hidden on please follow these steps:


  1. Connect your wallet to

  2. Select the profile icon in the top right corner, then select "My NFTs".

  3. Select the NFT you wish to view.

MetaMask (Mobile)

  1. Open the MetaMask mobile app.

  2. On the "Wallet" page, go to the "NFTs" tab.

  3. Press and hold on an NFT, then select "Refresh Metadata".

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