Staking: TrustWallet Android

This tutorial provides a detailed guide on how to Stake your Elongate tokens in the Staking Vault using MetaMask on Android

Before You Stake

How to Stake

  1. Open the TrustWallet application.

  2. Select the “DApps” tab at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Go to in the TrustWallet browser.

  4. If a disclaimer appears, please read and check the “I agree” box if you agree, then select “Confirm”.

  5. After selecting “Approve” a loading icon will appear near the top of the page. Please wait a minute or two for the transaction to confirm. If the loading icon does not disappear, tap the three dots in the top right corner and “Reload” the page, then “connect” your wallet again. The “Stake” button should now be available.

  6. A TrustWallet notification will appear. Select “Approve” to confirm the transaction.

  7. A loading icon will appear on the page. Please wait for your transaction to confirm, when the transaction is confirmed the loading icon will disappear. NOTE: If the loading icon does not disappear after a minute or two, proceed to the next step.

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