EG Burn Party

Welcome to the EG Burn Party wiki and documentation space. Here you will find guides and information about the EG Burn Party web application.
EG Burn Party is a revolutionary new platform that allows holders and project creators to initiate, organize, and share deflationary token burning events, known as a Burn Party, for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the BSC network.

Create, Participate, and Share

Browse some of the most popular coins on the BSC network, create a Burn Party for your token, and seamlessly share the event amongst all major Social Media platforms.

Customize your own User Dashboard

On the EG Burn Party platform, you will be able to securely sync your wallet, and create a fully customized profile to share on your socials. Here you can set a profile picture and link all your social media accounts for easily sharing your Burn Party events.

Comprehensive Dashboard

On the Dashboard, you can view a summary of ongoing, completed, or expired Burn Parties, claim your tokens for expired events, and view a history of all the Burn Parties you have created or participated in.

Explore Top Tokens

Here you can view all of the top Burn Parties on the platform, view stats, rankings, and statistics. You can choose to participate in any of the Burn Parties listed.


Once a Burn Party is complete, tokens are automatically transferred to a burn address as per the smart contract, i.e. a burn wallet from which they cannot be retrieved and are gone forever, effectively reducing the supply, and potentially providing more value to the current holders for their tokens.

Influencer Marketing Ready

The EG Burn Party platform is an effective tool for crypto influencers. Become verified, link your socials, advertise your party with banners and buttons, and share your Burn Party via mainstream social media platforms.
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