Meal Donations

Below is more information on the Donation of Meals with the EG Burn Party Platform


As a way of thanking you for your contribution, for every successful Burn Party that results in a Token Burn, the EG Burn Party Platform will donate Meals to those that are in need. After a successful Burn Party is complete, every contributor that had participated in the successful Burn Party will be converted to a Meal Donation. For example, a completed EG Burn Party burns 10 billion tokens and has 100 Participants, the EG Burn Party platform will donate 100 Meals.
This is made possible by an organization called ShareTheMeal. In addition to using the ShareTheMeal platform, the EG Burn Party platform will also do occasional food drive events using EG partners and its volunteer network.
The Meals Donated stats can be found on the "Explore" page and are updated monthly.
Total Meals donated