Become Verified

This page provides a information about verifying your projects token and Burn Party events for verification and authenticity purposes on the EG Burn Party platform.


Becoming Verified has benefits throughout the EG Burn Party Platform. Through a vetting process, the EG team will verify that you meet our standards, and is acceptable for you to create a party with.

Benefits of Becoming Verified

  • Receive a "Verified" badge sitewide on your token listing and all associated Burn Party events.
  • Your user profile is recognizable, verifiable, and authentic.
  • Verify your Burn Party events to your holders or community.
  • Gain more attention from users when they see the blue tick.
  • Since your Burn Party events stand out more, you can gain better engagement from participants.

Contact Us

If you would like to verify your account, click the link below, and select "Request for Verification".

Verification Samples

Sample of a Verified Token