Wallet Management Dashboard

Information about the Wallet Management Dashboard.


The Wallet Management Dashboard provides multiple tools to manage enterprise wallets, swap/transfer tokens, and choose which tokens are available in the swap/transfer tools. The dashboard is accessed by selecting a wallet name from the Enterprise Crypto Wallet panel.

Wallet List Section

This section displays a trimmed version of the EG Enterprise Crypto wallet panel, with the ability to perform a wallet search, edit, creation, or deletion.
This section contains three tabs, one that includes details about the wallet balance, another for initiating activities, and finally, a tab for related info.

Wallet Balance Tab

This tab displays the current balance of each token within the wallet, displaying the exact amount of tokens, the total fiat value of the holdings, and the current fiat market price. The list can be sorted and filtered by keyword. Token balances can be refreshed by selecting the refresh icon (). The last refresh date is displayed at the top of the list.


Activities can be initiated from the Chatter subtab. Additionally, admins can manage activity from the Activity subtab.
View and manage Transaction History, Wallet Edit History, Junction EWallets, and Files.

EG Crypto Transactions

Displays wallet transaction history with the ability to manually enter transaction info. Additionally, admins can edit or delete transaction records.

EG Enterprise Wallet History

Displays the history of edits to the enterprise wallet records.

EG Crypto Junction EWallet

Displays a list of Crypto Junction EWallets. Additionally, admins can edit or delete Junction EWallets.


Attach related files to the enterprise wallet.

Details, Swap, Transfer, History, Active Tokens

This section provides details about the wallet, transaction history, and tools to interact with the wallet, such as swapping or transferring tokens and enabling or disabling tokens in the wallet.

Details Tab

Displays information about the enterprise wallet.


Contains the swap tool where crypto tokens can be exchanged. See the Swap user guide for more information.


Contains the transfer tool for transferring tokens between wallets. See the Transfer user guide for more information.

Transaction History

Displays a historical record of all transactions performed with the wallet with links to the block explorer.

Active Tokens

Permits administrators to enable or disable cryptocurrency tokens on a per wallet basis. End-user access to transfer or swap specific tokens can be configured individually per wallet. The token list is populated based on active tokens from the EG Crypto Token panel.