Information about the EG Setup panel of the EG Crypto Exchange using the Setup Assistant.


The setup panel includes a Setup Assistant that provides a checklist of required actions to begin securely using the EG Crypto Exchange app. You are ready to start using the application when all steps are completed and marked with a green checkmark.
Administration privileges are required within the EG Crypto Exchange application to configure settings and initiate the setup. Your Salesforce System Administrator is the default administrator within the app. If you need administrative privileges, contact your Salesforce System Administrator.

Setup Assistant

Generate Secret Key

The secret key enables end-to-end encryption between Salesforce and EG APIs. Generating a new key will require reconfiguration of all existing wallets.

Refresh Token

The unique identifier token for your organization is automatically generated. The identifier token may be refreshed in the event of a connection error.

Manage Wallets

Add your enterprise wallet(s) to enable swapping and transfers of your cryptocurrency funds. See the Enterprise Crypto Wallet page for more info.

Manage Permissions

Enable user or administrative access for members of your organization. See the Permissions page for more info.