EG Crypto Exchange

Welcome to the EG Crypto Exchange wiki and documentation space. Here you will find information about the EG Crypto Exchange in Salesforce and how to use and configure the application.

The EG Crypto Exchange brings cryptocurrency transfers, exchange, and wallet management directly to your business operations all within the Salesforce Cloud.

Exchange & Manage Cryptocurrency with Ease

The EG Crypto Exchange allows for easy exchange and management of cryptocurrency funds, and the management of internal enterprise wallets, client, and/or business partner wallets. Manage cryptocurrency sales, internal transfers, B2B payments, and other types of cryptocurrency transactions all in one place.

Security and Safety

The EG Crypto Exchange utilizes end-to-end encryption, giving you the peace of mind that your organization's data is secure in transit. Several features within the exchange are protected behind Multi-Factor Authentication and OAuth unique identifier tokens are implemented for additional layers of security. All secret key records are encrypted, indecipherable, and hidden.

Compile and Analyse Data

Integrating with the Salesforce data tools, the generation of reports and the creation of analytics dashboards is possible for all your cryptocurrency-related sales, accounting, and analysis needs.

Sales Accounts, Leads, & Opportunities

Seamlessly manage your organization's client and enterprise accounts, and sales leads and opportunities. With the EG Crypto Exchange, all of the transaction info and records for swaps and transfers are automated. No need for manual entry each time you want to send or transact with crypto.

Access Control

Choose the level of access that you want the members of your organization to have, whether it be administrative, end-user, or no access.

Pricing & Fees

The EG Crypto Exchange is free for any organization to install and use. A 1% fixed fee is applied to all swaps and transactions performed within the exchange.

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