V2 Technical Info

v1 to v2 has a consolidation rate of 100,000:1
  • This means that the price will be x100,000 when trading opens, so the value of your EG tokens in your wallet before and after the upgrade will remain approximately the same.
  • The total supply of v2 tokens will be 6 Billion as we are not migrating the already burnt tokens to v2.
  • The EG contract will be moving from 9 decimal places in v1 to 18 decimal places in v2; which is in line with the standard amount of decimals other altcoins use in the industry.
  • The EG v2 contract has Anti-Bot protection that will be active from the start of trading.
  • EG v2 implements a 5% tax on every Buy, 5% on every Sell, and 0% tax on Transfers. There will be no tax paid when migrating from v1 to v2 with our official EGMigrate dApp.
  • EG v1 trading will be stopped on Binance Smart Chain. This will be achieved by setting the trading fees on BSC to 99% which means any trading via the swaps (PancakeSwap or EGSwap) will fail as DEXs do not allow you to set slippage at such a high number.
  • EG v1 ELONGATE/BNB liquidity is locked via DXSale until 2026, so we will need to manually extract the liquidity by selling the v1 tokens (that we receive from EGMigrate).