↪️Migrating to Alternate Wallet

Use this guide if you want to receive your EG v2 tokens in a different wallet from the wallet where your EG v1 tokens are located.

First follow Step 1 and Step 2 from Migration Walkthrough.

Step 3: Begin Migration to an Alternate Wallet

  1. Once allowance has been updated and you can see the Migrate button, click on Transfer To and then click Set Address:

  2. This will open up a pop-up. You need to:

    • Type in the wallet address you want to transfer EG v2 tokens to in the text field or if you have copied it to your clipboard, click PASTE.

    • Read the Disclaimer to understand the process.

    • Click the button “I understand the risks mentioned above”

    • Click Continue.

  3. You will now return back to EGMigrate app. Click Migrate:

  4. Review Trade Popup Appears. In the Transfer To section, Verify that the last 4 digits being displayed are for the correct wallet. Click Migrate:

Step 4: Confirm Migration to the Alternate Wallet

  1. Confirm Transaction Pop-Up Appears:

  2. Confirm Transaction in your wallet by clicking Confirm:

  3. Awaiting Migration Confirmation pop-up appears. Please wait till the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain.

  4. Once the Transaction is confirmed, you will get a Success message.

  5. The migration is now complete.

EG v2 tokens should be available in your wallet. You will also be able to see the migration logs in EGMigrate.

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